Boca Raton Remodel | Simple Doesn’t Mean Boring

I love this remodel we just finished in Boca Raton. Simple and beautiful. 

This smaller pool, built on a modest budget, makes a big impact. The modern contemporary design and styling ties nicely with the rest of the house, and fits with the homeowner's overall aesthetic.

The nice blue color of the PebbleTec finish surrounded by the muted-earth-toned faux marble decking, accented by the elevated wall and repeating spill-thrus, gives an elegant feeling to the entire space. 

Sun shelfs are becoming more and more popular, and offer an easy way to relax and enjoy your pool when you’re not quite up for a swim. In fact, the more sun shelves we build, the more I wonder what I was thinking…not putting one in my pool! 

And, in case you're wondering, yes...that's me chilling out in the lounge chair. Can you blame me?