Fort Lauderdale Pool + Spa Remodel

An important component of a successful swimming pool remodel is a unified aesthetic. There are as many ways to design a pool as there are pool builders. 

One of the fun things about a remodel is the opportunity for transformation...not only of the pool, but of the entire outdoor living area surrounding the pool.

Sometimes, one contractor will do the entire project. In other cases, a homeowner may be more comfortable getting separate specialists for each area of the space they're looking to create. 

In that latter scenario, starting with the end in mind (to steal one of "the seven secrets") is essential. Communication and a clearly laid-out (and detailed) master plan are indispensable. When the project is done, no matter how many hands built it, the result needs to appear and feel as though it was done by one team. 

We all have opinions about what will look best, and it's part of our service to offer guidance, based on our experience. But, in the end, we all need to work in service of the customer's vision. 

This recent project we just finished in Fort Lauderdale is a good example of what I'm talking about. In this case, one team built the outdoor bar area and Roberts Pool Design built the deck, swimming pool and the spa.

The fact that they both blend so nicely makes both the bar and the pool + spa area look better and, most importantly, makes the homeowner happy...just as it should be.