The "I Don't Have Room For A Swimming Pool" Dilemma

It’d be great to have a pool…if you only had the space, right? 

Well, here’s an actual situation we ran into this past week. From the side of this house, there is only 15 feet to work with before we are limited by a 5-foot set back restraint from the neighbor's property line. Once you factor in a modest 5-foot walking area next to the house, it can be tough to imagine in your mind's eye that there's enough room for a swimming pool. 

Photo of existing yard, above. 3D rendering of same area, right.

3D modeling was a big help, in this case. Without that, it’s difficult to get past the picture you create for yourself in your head about what is or isn’t possible - which may or may not correspond with what is truly possible. 

By working up a 3D model, the homeowner gets to feel what a pool area might look like in the small area he has to work within. 

Turns out, not only is there enough room, but by adding a modest deck area around the pool, a difficult to maintain area becomes a comfortable relaxation space. 

Existing, above. Proposed, right. 

As a finishing touch, extending the pavers to wrap around the house, replacing the existing patio, this homeowner has now completely transformed this entire outdoor living area…beautifully.