Deep Impact from "Surface" Things

Thought we’d show off a sweet pool we just finished to talk about swimming pool finishes

Even though the surface finish is a small percentage of the overall investment in a pool, it creates a huge percentage of the overall impact. The finish is a big part of the pool’s “personality,” giving it is color, shimmer, texture, etc. 

This pool on the Atlantic in Boynton Beach has a Bead Crete Water Blue finish…and, yes, it looks as good in person as it looks here in the photographs. 

Granted, this is a pretty darn nice pool - 40’ x 20’, 8’ x 8’ spa, automated Jandy controls, gas heater, dual spa jets, Travertine pavers, glass Waterline tile, and a slick spillway connecting the spa + pool. But, imagine all those great features with a blah, no-impact surface finish. You’d have an expensive, full-featured, and extremely boring-looking swimming pool. 

Choosing a finish is something you want to do in person with your pool builder. There are a lot of considerations…color and texture being just two of them. By all means, though, do NOT choose a finish based on what you see on a computer — primarily because color, brightness and contrast can vary from computer to computer.

Swimming pools, like so many things, get their appeal from a combination of big things and little things. The big things may cost more, but the little things are just as important…and we promise to help you figure out which big + small things are right for your pool project.