The Best According To Who?

Last week we were named the Best Swimming Pool Contractor of 2017 by Palm Beach Gardens. 

Now, it’s always nice to be recognized for excellence, but it’s just as important to keep things in perspective. 

Every business is looking for outside sources to confirm they’re as good as they say they are. But how does an award like this compare to, let’s say, a customer’s post on Google, or HomeAdvisor, or even just Facebook? 

With an award, you get a plaque (or something similar). And then there’s the prestige of being selected by an entire municipality as best among a population of your competitors. 

Those are both nice, but customer testimonials are coming from people who invested real money, endured having their property turned into a construction zone for a period of time, and then concluded that what they received for their money exceeded their expectations to the point they went online to let other people know. 

For us, that’s a pretty special kind of endorsement. 

I know I only leave testimonials when a product or service is exceptional…and I suspect that’s probably true for our customers. So, when we see that someone’s taken the time to go to HomeAdvisor or Google to tell the world Roberts Pool Design is the way to go for swimming pool projects…that means a lot. 

Yes, we’re going to put our award on our website. And, yes, we’re (of course) grateful to the city of Palm Beach Gardens for recognizing the excellence of our work. 

But, we are also pausing for a moment here to thank our many customers who continue to help us by sharing their positive RPD experience with their friends, co-workers and family. Word of mouth is still our biggest source of business, and we wouldn’t have the reputation we’ve built, or the success we’ve had, without our great customers who make time to spread the word.

So…thank you PBG for this award, and an extra big thank you to all of you who have taken the time to share your positive RPD experience with the rest of the world. It means a lot to us, and we genuinely appreciate it.