Deep Impact from "Surface" Things

Even though the surface finish is a small percentage of the overall investment in a pool, it creates a huge percentage of the overall impact. The finish is a big part of the pool’s “personality,” giving it is color, shimmer, texture, etc. Have a look at the photographs of this beautiful pool we just finished and imagine how boring it would look with a dull, lifeless finish?

How To Get The Most Value When You Buy Or Remodel Your Swimming Pool

Give yourself permission to dream a little. Think about how you’d most want to enjoy your pool and how you want others to enjoy it. Are you looking for a wow factor, or something low-key? Will you be actively swimming most of the time or will it be a place to relax and unwind? Are you just looking for a pool or would you like to create more of an outdoor enjoyment space? Are there safety issues to consider? Are there noise considerations?